Repository.Xfmea.GetXfmeaCauseActions Method

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Member of: SynthesisAPI.Repository

Returns an array cActions objects for all actions associated to the specified Cause ID.




Cause ID

Required. The Cause ID used to obtain all associated actions.



 'Declare a new Repository object and connect to a repository. 
  Dim MyRepository As New Repository
 'Get a list of causes for failure #1 from project #1. 
  Dim Causes() As cCause
  Set Causes = MyRepository.Xfmea.GetAllXfmeaCauses(1)

 'Obtain all actions associated with the first item in the Causes array. For VB.NET, the dictionary method could also be used. 
  Dim Actions() As cAction
  Actions = MyRepository.Xfmea.GetXfmeaCauseActions(Causes(0))
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