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Member of: SynthesisAPI

Represents a Synthesis Data Warehouse (SDW) data collection.


Name Description
RawDataSetCreates an instance of the RawDataSet class.


Name Description
AddDataRowAdds a new RawData object, which represents a data point, to the SDW data collection.
ClearClears all data points saved in the RawDataSet object.


Name Description
ExtractedByGets or sets the display name of the database user who brought the data collection into the SDW. String.
ExtractedDateGets or sets the date when the data collection was brought into the SDW. Date.
ExtractedNameGets or sets the name of the data collection. String.
ExtractedTypeGets or sets a value from the RawDataSetType enumeration, which specifies whether the data set is for use with Weibull++ or RGA. Default value = 1 (use with Weibull++).
SourceIDGets or sets the numeric ID of the data set. Integer.

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