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Member of: SynthesisAPI

Represents a profile resource.


Name Description
cProfileCreates an instance of the cProfile class.
cProfile()A parameterized constructor for the cProfile class. (.NET only)


Name Description
GetSegmentsReturns an array of ProfileSegment objects that represent the segments in the profile.
SetSegmentsAdds segments to the profile.


Name Description
IDGets the numeric ID of the profile. Long.
IsCyclicalIndicates whether the pattern of segments are treated as a repeating cycle; otherwise, all times after the last segment will use the value of the last segment. Boolean. Default value = False.
IsValidatedIndicates whether the profile is ready for use. Boolean. Default value = False.
NameGets or sets the name of the profile. String
ProfileTypeGets or sets a value from the ProfileTypeEnum enumeration, which specifies whether it is a stress profile or throughput profile. Default value = 1 (stress profile).
ProjectIDGets the numeric ID of the project the profile belongs to. Integer

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