BlockSim Analytical Fault Tree and RBD Plot Examples

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Let's assume that the three components A, B and C follow failure distributions Weibull(Beta=1.5,Eta=1000), Weibull(Beta=1.1, Eta=800) and Exponential(MTTF=3000). The reliability for each components and the system at mission time =100 hours is shown in the figure below.

There are several plots available for analytical RBD and fault tree analysis.

At the system level, there are four plots available as shown in the following:

Unreliability vs. Time

Reliability vs. Time

Probability Density Function

Failure Rate vs. Time

For the metrics, three kinds of reliability importance plots are available:

Reliability Importance vs. Time

Static Reliability Importance

Static Reliability Importance (Tableau)

At the block level, four kinds of plots are available:

Block Unreliability vs. Time

Block Reliability vs. Time

Block Probability Density Function

Block Failure Rate
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